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Digest RC

30 capsules
by Herbapol

Categories: Digestive Enzymes and Formulas, Stomach support
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What is it?

Digest RC™ is Raphacholin C© which contains six ingredients. Each tablet contains :

Black Radish 75 mg
Artichoke 47 mg
Calcium Phosphate 45 mg
Cholic Acid 40 mg
Peppermint 15 mg

Digest RC is a product of 300 years of European herbalism and three decades of scientific research. It has been the best selling all natural digestive supplement in Europe for over 45 years. Over 100 million doses are taken there each year.

This product is relied upon in Eastern Europe in preference to expensive drugs which many there cannot afford and it addresses the underlying causes of digestive upset.


Digest RC is nontoxic and has no specific contraindications. It can be taken with any medication. The only people who should avoid it are those with bile tract obstruction or gall bladder disease. It is not known how this affects people who have had their gall bladder removed.
See Disclaimer.

Suggested Use

Take one or two tablets with a meal.

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