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Glucorell R

180 capsules
by MP Technologies

Categories: Antioxidant, Blood sugar support, Vitamins
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What is it?

Glucorell R is the right handed molecular version of alpha lipoic acid (ALA,) i.e. R-Lipoic Acid. Each capsule contains 100 mg and Biotin 500 mcg. Inert ingredient is rice powder.

This version of alpha lipoic acid is the right handed molecule of ALA. The usual version of ALA as sold in stores is a mixture of the right and left handed versions, called a racemic mixture. All molecules consist of two forms which are mirror images of each other. Nature prefers and manufactures primarily one of the two forms, usually the left handed form in amino acids and in this case, the right handed form.

The significance of this is that R-ALA has all the benefits of ALA while the L-ALA not only doesn't, it actually works against the active form. Taking the racemic mixture may be useless to detrimental.


Do not use if pregnant or nursing. If you are under the care of a physician or taking medications, consult your health care provider first. Do not exceed recommended dosages. Use only before meals. Diabetics should exercise caution as it may lower the needed dose of medications.

See Disclaimer.

References available upon request

Suggested Use

Take 1 capsule before meals.

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