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150 tablets
by Koehler

Categories: Minerals
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What is it?

Please note: Koehler has recently decided to stop production of Mynax. We do offer a comparable replacement called Membrane Complex which was also developed by Dr Hans Napier. Click here to view the Membrane Complex page

Mynax is chelated ethanolamine phosphate (E.A.P.) salts. Specifically, it includes in each nine tablets:

Mineral:Salt amount:Elemental amount

Calcium EAP,526 mg,66 mg
Magnesium EAP, 1312 mg, 105 mg
Potassium EAP, 1312 mg, 288 mg

This is a mineral supplement.


See Disclaimer.

Suggested Use

Take 2 to 9 tablets daily according to your health practitioner.

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