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Callex Callous Ointment

52 grams
by XennA

Categories: Topicals
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What is it?

Callex Callus Ointment contains Endoprotease, 5%, white petrolatum, U.S.P

According to the manufacturer: "New CallexTM Ointment exfoliates foot (skin) callus, while being safe for normal skin. "


None except sensitivity to any ingredient.
See Disclaimer.

Suggested Use

For sole callus:

Prior to going to bed at night, apply CallexTM to the affected callus area and then cover with a bandaid. Wash treated area in the morning with a warm, wet washcloth. A gentle rubbing with the washcloth will enhance the natural exfoliation properties of the ointment. Repeat applications nightly until callus is no longer felt when walking. Results may be expected within 5 to 15 days, depending on depth of callus and nerve sensitivity. Allow a thin amount of callus to remain on the sole to protect the underlying bones from excessive pressure. Apply periodically thereafter to prevent callus regrowth.

For heel fissures, hands and elbows:

Apply CallexTM Ointment to the callused area daily, washing off once a day with a wet, warm washcloth. Callus will thin within 10 to 20 days depending on degree of initial buildup. Discontinue when normal skin (which will be lighter in color) is noted. Use periodically thereafter to manage callus regrowth.

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