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DHA Junior

180 capsules
by Nordic Naturals

Categories: Children's Products, Fats and Oils
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What is it?

Each 4 chewable softgels of DHA™ Junior 100% arctic cod liver oil contains:

Calories 9. Fat 1 g. No saturated or trans-fats.
Vitamin A 130-300 IU
Vitamin D 1-4 IU
Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) 14 IU
Total Omega 3's (pharmaceutical grade) 252 mg consisting of:

DHA (docosohexaenoic acid) 125 mg
EPA (eicosopentaenoic acid) 82 mg
Oher omega-3's 45 mg
Oleic acid (omega-9) 120 mg
Other ingredients are purified arctic cod liver oil, soft gel (gelatin, water, glycerin, strawberry essence,) rosemary extract, strawberry essence d-alpha tocopherol.)

According to the manufacturer:

"Nordic Naturals DHA Junior is a small, chewable cod liver oil supplement flavored with strawberry essence. Children's DHA is a delicious way for children to supplement their diet with the essential brain nutrient, DHA. Molecularly distilled for purity, DHA Junior contains only naturally existing vitamins A and D. For children three years and older."


None except fish allergy.

See Disclaimer.

Suggested Use

Take 4 soft gels daily with food or as directed by a health care professional or pharmacist.

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