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2023/3/3 - d-Limonene 1000 mg 60 capsules is temporarily out of stock.

2023/1/24 - L-Lysine Orotate 50 capsules is temporarily out of stock.

2022/6/13 - Ostinol 450 30 capsules is now back in stock!

2022/2/14 - GUNA - INF ALPHA 30 ml has been discontinued or is on long term backorder.

2022/2/10 - Syntra-T6 180 capsules is temporarily out of stock.

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Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C 30's
by LivOn Laboratories

Thyrostim 270's
by Biotics Research

Angiostop 120's
by Chi's Enterprises

PPDPPT 540 540's
by OOCares

Voluntastrols 90's
by Acquired Intelligence

Ostinol 450 30's
by ZyCal Bioceutics
SALE! $74.95

PressAssure 120's
by Vita Pharmica
SALE! $32.50

Bonothyrk 20's
by International Antiaging Systems
SALE! $59.00

Hyaluronic Liquid Acid 16 oz
by NeoCell
SALE! $22.95

Syntra-T6 180's
by Syntratech
SALE! $89.95

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General Questions

Q. We are a health food store. Do you sell wholesale?
A. As we are a retailer ourselves, we have no wholesale accounts.

Q. I am a doctor or other health professional. Do you have a professional discount?
A. No, we discount all our products but everyone receives the same discount. Please see our discount policy on the ordering and shipping page.

Q. Can you send me a catalog of your products?
A. Since we operate only on the net, we have no written catalog. The net allows us to update information more quickly and allows a greater amount of information.

Q. Do you have an affiliate program?
A. Not yet, but we are entertaining the idea.

Q. How long will it take to get my order?
A. We usually ship priority mail and it normally takes 3 to 5 days. Overseas orders may take longer.

Q. Will the post office irradiate my order and ruin it?
A. The effect of radiation on any product other than live bacteria (probiotics) is problematical, but we can stamp “do not irradiate” on our packages per the postal service’s instructions.

Q. Do you do special orders?
A. Yes, we can try to find most products for you.

Sales Tax Policy

Q. What is your sales tax policy?
A. We charge tax for orders that are shipped to California and Nevada. For California, we charge a 8.75% tax rate, and Nevada we charge 8.1%. These rates are determined by the county that our offices are located. All other destinations are tax-free.

Shipping Policy

Q. How do you ship out your orders and what is your shipping policy?
A. For orders in the United States:  Netriceuticals now offers free shipping for all US domestic orders. The shipping method used is United States Postal Mail service. We can do Fedex or UPS, but there is a shipping cost and it will be determined by weight and any additional services you need. When checking out please make a note in the comments if you prefer using a different carrier.

B. Expedited service: For expedited service, we charge a starting flat fee of $28.00. For most orders this flate rate applies, but if the order is extraordinarily large or heavy, we may charge for extra weight. The shipping method used here is USPS Express mail service, which is a 2-day delivery service. Destinations on the Western United States may receive the item the following day. We can also do Fedex or UPS, but the shipping cost will then be determined by weight and the type of service you need. When checking out please make a note in the comments if you prefer using a different carrier.

C. International Orders: Our shipping cost for international orders is determined by weight and the type of service requested. Generally speaking, we will try to use Priority Mail international flat rate, which usually is a flat fee up to a a few pounds. For expedited service we will use USPS Express mail. We can also do Fedex, UPS, or DHL, but these extra services will be determined by respective current rates.

Some products are heat sensitive and may require expedited shipping. For some heat sensitive items we may not be able to ship internationally. Other items actually have free shipping included. Please refer to each item page for more information.

Return Policy

Q. What is your return policy?
A. Products may be returned within 30 days if unopened and we are notified of the return. A full refund minus shipping fee will be returned to the buyer. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ship the product back and pay shipping fees for such returns.

We cannot refund the buyer for any voluntarily opened products. Other exceptions: We cannot accept returns on perishable (requires refrigeration) products.

Certain manufacturers provide a money back guarantee. We note this in the product description.

Unclaimed packages which are returned to us without explanation are subject to a 10% restocking charge plus shipping fee.

Discount Policy

Q. Do you have quantity discounts?
A. We off quantity discounts on almost all of our products with certain exceptions listed below. If you order 6 to 11 bottles of the same item and an additional 5% will be deducted for those items. Order 12 bottles or more of the same item and 10% will be deducted for those items.

Exceptions: MLM products are not discounted.

Products which have their own discount schedule as stated in the product page and are not discounted further.

Those products that the supplier prohibits us from discounting are not discounted at all unless on a special sale schedule.

Please refer to each item's page to see it's current pricing schedule.

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